Students: ESA and Google Summer of Code events (deadlines: 27.03 / 30.04)

is open for applications! Support an open-source project of your choice and receive grants of up to 4000 €uro. The funding is granted for selected open-source projects.

The Google Summer of code is very comparable and open for any kind of open-source project, not only space-related and is applicable worldwide.
The ESA Summer of Code in Space is applicable and open for more open projects including hardware, software and research projects. However it is limited to countries that are part of the ESA.

GSOC – Google summer of code (6000 USD)
Application date: 16-27 march 2015
Mentor organization:

SOCIS – ESA Summer of Code in Space 2015 (4000€)
Application date: Until 30 april 2015
Mentor Organizations:

There is only few advertisment so far, so go for it !